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Updated: May 12, 2021

It's been a great year for BFA auditioners! (and one MFA) There will be more acceptances, but here's what we have so far.

OUT OF MY 17 AUDITIONERS THIS AND EACH YEAR: NUMBER OF ACCEPTANCES DETAILED AFTER SCHOOL TITLE: ( # accepted / # waitlist / # who auditiond/ avg # accepted per yr ) **= a student accepted ahead of callbacks or on the spot!

Boston University, BFA Acting (4 in/1 wait/8 aud/2+ per year) Bristol Old Vic (UK), MFA Acting (no aud/ 1 per year)

Brooklyn College, MFA Acting California Institute of the Arts, BFA Acting (2 in/ 3 aud/ 2 per yr) Carnegie Mellon, BFA Acting and MT (1 in/ 1 wait/ ? aud/ 1+ per) Chapman University BFA Acting/Acting For Film (1/ 3+ per) Cincinnati Conservatory of Music (1 in/ 1 aud/ 1 per) Columbia Chicago, Comedic Arts ( no act aud) De Paul University, BFA Acting (7 in/ 5 wait/ 6+ per) Elon, BFA Act/MT (1 in/ 2 aud/ 1 per) Emerson, BFA Act, Comedy Arts (6 in/ 7 aud/ 3+ per) Fordham, BA Professional Acting Track (2 in/ 2 aud/ 1+ per) Guildhall (UK) BA Hons Acting (Awaiting recalls/irregular) The Juilliard School (somewhat regular) LAMDA (Awaiting recalls/usually 1-2) LIPA (Liverpool Institute of Arts, UK) BA Act (1 in/1 aud) The Lir (Ireland) (Awaiting Final recalls) Long Island University, BFA MT (2 in/ 2 aud) Manchester (UK) Awaiting Final Recalls Manhattan School of Music, BFA MT (O / 1 per) **Montclair State, BFA MT, Acting (3 in/ 3 aud/ 3 per) Muhlenberg (5/ 4+ per) **The New School, BFA Acting (7 in/ 8 aud/ 6+ per) NYU TIsch, BFA Acting (6 in/ 3 wait/ ? aud /4+ per) Northern Illinois University (2 in/ 2 aud) Pace University, BFA Acting, Acting for Film (4 in/ 5 aud? / 2+ per) Pace University Actors Studio, MFA Acting (no aud) Penn State, BFA Act/MT (1 in/ 2 aud/ irregular auds) Rose Bruford (UK) MA Acting (no aud) **Rose Bruford BA Hons Acting (1 in/Awaiting Finall recall) Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA, UK) awaiting recalls Royal Birmingham (UK), BA Acting (2 in/ 1+ per) Royal Birmingham (UK), MA Acting Awaiting recalls Royal Central (UK) BA Hons MT (1 in) **Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (UK), BA Act, MT (awaiting recalls/ 2+ per) Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (UK), MA Acting (no auds) **Royal Welsh. BA Hons Acting (1 in / 1 per) Rutgers Mason Gross School Arts, BFA Acting (3 in/ 8 aud/ 2+) Sarah Lawrence (2 accept) Savannah College of Art and Design (2 in/2 aud) Syracuse University, BFA MT/Acting (5 in/ 1 wait/ 3+ per) Univ Conn (1 in / 2 aud) U N Carolina School of the Arts, BFA Acting (1 in/2 wait/ 1 per) USC, BFA MT Acting, BA Acting Track, (2 in/3+) Do remember that not everyone is auditioning at every school. Some of these schools only had 1 or 2 that auditioned. Most had between 4 and 8 students who auditioned. So these guys really soared. STUDENT AWARDS THIS YEAR: Spotlight Finalist (Winner) Spotlight Honorable Mention Spotlight Merit Award 5 Spotlight Semifinalists Young Arts Finalist (Winner) 3 Young Arts Honorable Mentions & Merit August Wilson National Finalist 2 August Wilson Regional Finalists 3 AW Semi Finalists Multiple Jerry Herman nominees AND STUDENTS ARE GETTING BACK TO WORK! (finally) As always, I'm proud of you ALL, ALL of the work that is being done in this studio. It is very GOOD, very BRAVE and imbued with TRUTH. We don't need acceptances or accolades or even jobs to feel the joy of your work. It speaks for itself

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