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How I Teach....

My classes are very small, very intimate—


As my student, you will feel safe, nurtured and

inspired to keep taking risks, going deeper,

and trying other ways of looking at things.

I move from technique to technique, following

the energy and flow of both the class and the

individuals in it.


I am tough, I will ask a lot of you, but I am first

and foremost, loving and accepting of everything

that you are.

In my classes, you will change.  Within a month,

you will become a new actor.

My students consistently say that JUST when they think they have arrived, I help them see a new beginning to be explored.  (This is why professional directors and casting directors request my students. And why heads of college programs are watching out for them.)

This is my mantra: 

“Be coached.. Come to class. You will shift.”

Lea Floden college BFA & MFA audition coach with USC Grad Erik Vogt Nilsen
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