A combination of class and private coaching is the best venue for college audition prep. 

Lea takes a VERY limited number of private college audition coaching students each year.

Acceptance into one of Lea’s coaching slots is by interview. The interview takes the form of a private session and runs about an hour.**

Dylan LaRocque, LAMDA, student of Lea Floden, college BFA & MFA audition coach


Make informed choices.  

Find schools that work for YOU.

Lea can help you negotiate through the sea of schools to find a good fit. 

Learn tips and organization ideas to ease the stress.

Alicia Marie Beatty, USC Grad, in SPEED OF LIGHT, directed by Lea Floden


A targeted combination of class and private coaching is the best prep for rocking those auditions.

Monologue choice is essential, but can be tricky.  Lea can help you find the monologues that will both represent you (in ways your brain might overlook), and show you at your very best.

While many coaches take a “quick fix” approach to the process, Lea believes that building skills is essential for audition success. 

Lea believes in offering support for the entire process- not just that five or ten minutes in the room.

She teaches techniques for a successful college audition season top to bottom. 

Although no one can control the ethereal and random nature of college audition outcomes, an actor must be in top form to be truly IN the game.

Lea helps students to root out fears and other things that block their processes.  She helps them to become the boldest, and most truthful, open and centered versions of themselves.

Katie Bonnell in SPEED OF LIGHT, directed by Lea Floden


Successful coaching for theatre,

television and film requires technique  

that works from the heart, not the head.

Different scenes require different approaches.  Success comes from going beyond playing the action or pushing energy.



Lea helps to bring success to students across the country and the world.


 Whether it's college audition prep, or acing that callback, help is a zoom call away.

At coaching sessions, Lea is lovingly supportive, but can also be tough.


She works like a diagnostician, using a range of professional acting techniques,  as she zeroes in and works to feature a students' strengths, and use skill building to shift areas that are weak.  

No matter what the audition may be, building skills is the first step to success.  A students actor must learn how to get out of the brain and into the body  Lea uses unique techniques to achieve this even as she works with students to craft a sophisticated, stylish and truthful audition piece. 

Daniella Zappacosta, Madeleine Huggins & Kaitlin Moore in performance at the Colburn School Musical Theatre Intensive.



Stop playing ideas!  

Get out of your head and get skilled.




Want to rise to the top in your school plays?  

Build your skills!  

And get ahead by attending class & coaching early!

You too can rise to the top of your school program!

But an effective coaching session cannot stop there.


Other essential skills that Lea teaches include:

--Being authentic,

--Managing “nerves,”

--Truthful and appropriate contact with auditioners, ----Waiting room skills, and..

--Protocol for follow up.