What I Teach...


Developing craft in acting is a personal journey- one that includes developing both skills and your own sense of truth and point of view. In my class, you will discover who you ARE— what makes you tick, and how your body works—and then incorporate that into your technique.   

You will learn to make everything you say personal and specific to you—and oh yes, you must make it personal to who you REALLY are, not an idea of who you wish you were, or fear you are not.

And with a host of techniques to choose from, there are always lots of ways into this process.


My goal is always to help you find the way that works for YOU— so that you will find YOUR way of working.


And you don’t have to stop there.  Because you will also have the opportunity to learn on camera technique.  


And styles- classical, musical theatre, comedic, dramatic and contemporary. You will learn to act a song.  


And to work with text from the playwright's perspective.  To deepen your understanding of text and form.  And your technique will be strengthened with scene work.

Add to that the most cutting edge new techniques for deep truthful work that will be there when you need it-  and how to get the most out of your professional auditions—and you will see that you are in a class that is truly special- with a teacher who is determined to help you find the WHOLE actor in you.