What They Say...

"Meticulous and tough, yet the most nurturing teacher I’ve ever worked with.  


If you have the chance to work with Lea, it’s a chance you won’t want to pass up.


You will never find a more skilled, understanding, knowledgeable,  or compassionate teacher." 


-Hannah Provisor

BFA Musical Theatre

Penn State

“Lea has completely changed my perspective on acting.  


Sundays are my favorite days because I get to come to acting class and learn with students that are being molded by a teacher I honestly believe will one day be regarded as one of the defining acting teachers of the 21st century.”


-Danielle Koenig,

 UCLA, Acting

When I first came to Lea, I was such a timid actor and person. The performer I am today is truly transformed. I’ve learned to open up in ways I didn’t even understand, but they have improved both my performance authenticity and my relationships in my personal life.  And I'll never forget the passion and love Lea has for her students.  Her support, genuine connection to her students, and honesty are what make her acting classes an explorative and creative space that encourages students to try anything and discover themselves.

-Ella Dabney 

Southern Methodist University

BM Vocal Performance

In every class I go to, Lea continues to mold me into the actor and person I want to be: someone unafraid to experience the world from the heart and soul.

-Erin Orcutt

Pace University

BFA, Acting for Film

"Lea changed my life, and I am forever grateful to her for that.


With her incredibly insightful guidance, Lea allowed me to discover a sense of truthfulness in my art that I was looking to find for a very long time. Once I found my truth, Lea pushed me to own it. Because of Lea, I found an entirely new passion for acting."

-Rebecca Melinkoff, 

 Acting BFA, Rutgers

Mason Gross School of the Arts

"Lea has this amazing way of getting me to reach deeper than I thought was possible. With Lea's constant love and belief in me, I felt so comfortable walking into my college auditions. I knew she had given me all the tools I needed. Lea is like a second mom to me and a total life saver with this process."


                                  -Rachel Kay,

                                   BFA Musical Theatre,

                                   Syracuse University

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