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“I have been studying with Lea for five years. She has helped me grow as an individual as much as an actor, teaching me to feel my feelings fully and deeply. She has taught me the importance of finding my truth in every situation and the value of showing up for myself. Because of her, I feel encouraged to put in my absolute best work and dedicate myself completely to my craft. By guiding her students to the discovery of truth under imaginary circumstances, Lea has further connected me to myself. I truly believe that she opens her students up in a way that allows them to fully access their empathy and creativity. I can’t thank her enough for her support and wisdom.”


-Madeleine Curry


"Lea Floden is the most influential teacher I have ever worked with. She devotes herself to her students with unconditional love, diligence, and grace. Not only is she superbly knowledgable of the craft but her approach that is driven purely by love and reverence sets her apart from other teachers. Her priority is making you the best actor that you can be. Her class is a welcoming and safe environment free of judgement that makes you feel completely comfortable to be yourself and focus on the work. I have completely transformed as an artist and it is entirely because of Lea’s endless support and invaluable teachings. In Lea you will not only find an invaluable teacher but an invaluable friend that supports you unconditionally."

Cece McClennan

Boston Conservatory of Music, BA Musical Theatre

Cece McLennan 1_edited.jpg

Lea's classes not only helped me find confidence in my acting, they also helped me find confidence in my day-to-day life. her classes have a basis of self-respect and determination that can be applied to everything you do. dreamwork exercises inspire creativity and new ways of understanding emotion. she supports and cares about all of her students so much and is one of the most patient people I have ever met. I can truly say this class changed the trajectory of my career in the industry and my perception of myself. she was also so committed to finding me the perfect college to go to. I cannot think her enough for all of the work she has put into me and her willingness to fight for her students.

Carissa Carlberg

Sarah Lawrence College

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