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Lea Floden student Matt Yulish,  LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art)

"Simply put, Lea Floden changed my son’s life.  As a Mom, it’s hard not to cry as I write about this experience.   When my son made the decision to dedicate himself fully to acting, Lea literally took him under her wing.  In a very short time, Lea pushed my son to work through his fear and embrace courage.   My son learned to trust himself and his own decisions.  His metamorphosis not only as an actor but as a human being was remarkable to watch.  Yes, my son became more skilled as an actor, but he also became more self-confident, more sure of what he wanted, and more willing to work hard for it.  My son developed vision under Lea’s careful watch, and Lea helped him to begin to understand his full potential.  And she does this for each student in the most nurturing and supportive way.   Lea inspires all her students to reach higher and go deeper than they think they can…..and she gives them the tools to feel good once they get there.  And thanks to Lea and her guidance, my son has been accepted into not one, but several of the top college acting programs.  But he’ll always continue to learn in that room back there with Lea – because no top acting school has more to teach than she does.   If it weren’t for Lea,  my son would be a different person today.   Lea is more than an acting coach, Lea helps her students discover themselves." 


With love and thanks,

Jane MacGregor

Mother of Matthew Yulish, LAMDA

"Lea Floden came into our lives during my daughter Erin's senior year in high school, and basically changed our lives! Lea not only worked with Erin as her coach and mentor, but she was our lifeline for understanding the complicated world of college auditions. Lea helped us compile our list of schools to apply to, met with us to update and fine tune the list and, helped us know what to expect. Lea also opened our daughter's eyes to the opportunities available at the various colleges, and that the dream of pursuing a BFA program can come true. Lea is, and continues to be, one of Erin's greatest sources of encouragement (next to her parents of course!)."


-Marcia Orcutt,

Proud mother of Erin Scott Orcutt, BFA Acting for Film, 

Pace University NYC

Lea Floden student Erin Orcutt, BFA Pace University
Lea Floden student, Anju cloud (Syracuse MT BFA) with mother Hukue Cloud

"Our daughter has been a dancer for almost all her life but never studied acting or singing until sophomore year in high school. When she decided to pursue a degree in musical theatre, she knew she needed a great acting coach.  Lea has been amazing!  Without her coaching and knowledge of the college audition process, my daughter couldn’t have gotten callbacks for all of her pre-screens which included University of Michigan, Pace University, and Syracuse. Our daughter received many acceptance letters and currently Syracuse is at the top of her list. As many of Lea’s students will attest, she is not only an acting coach but also a life coach.  She helped many high school seniors get through the extremely stressful college audition and selection process with so much love and encouragement.  That’s why our daughter screams, “I love HER!” every time when we pick her up from Lea’s class. THANK YOU, LEA!"

-Hukue Cloud

Parent of Anju Cloud,

Syracuse University Musical Theatre BFA

Lea Floden student Gabriella Nail on stage at Brandeis University

"There is so much to say about Lea Floden, that it's hard to know where to begin, or how to say it all.   I am constantly moved by the depth of caring and commitment she has for her students.  Lea is a master teacher and provides compassion and guidance as she helps her students find their authentic voices.  She creates a safe and nurturing environment, and challenges her students to be honest, fearless, sensitive, and fierce. In addition to being an incredible acting teacher and coach, Lea has extensive  knowledge of college acting BFA programs and their requirements, as well as first hand knowledge of the demands of being a working actor.  She can help you get to that next level, wherever you are starting from. Lea is simply amazing!"

-Bethany Nail, mother of Gabriella Nail, Brandeis University

"Lea is not just a brilliant acting coach, she's a trusted mentor. Lea knows how to bring out the unique best in all her students while leaving them with confidence and self-esteem....traits that are invaluable in life, not just in auditions."


-Anne Marie McDermott,

Mother of Julia McDermott (Juilliard) 

Lea and student Julia McDermott, The Juiliard School
LACHSA Sweatshirt.  Oh.  And Lea Floden student Aidan Dorn-Wallenstein

Dear Lea:
I am about to launch into the new student registration for our son to enter LACHSA. And there is no way this would have happened without your guidance, love, and brilliant coaching. I know Aidan had talent but your commitment to honesty and truth took that latent talent and turned it into allowing him to be the best actor he could be, not to mention the best PERSON he could be. We know he will get great coaching at LACHSA but we plan on having him be with you throughout his journey as a young actor. After all, look what you and he have accomplished in just the short time he has been in your studio!!! Thank you!!

Eileen Dorn
Michael Wallenstein
Aidan Dorn-Wallenstein's proud parents

"I'm sending you the BIGGEST virtual hug I can!! Wow! She got in! Amazing. Thanks a ton Lea for your commitment and talent, and time. August loves studying with you. I'm so glad she's getting introduced to this beautiful art form by you. I'll make sure and give you a real hug the next time I see you!"

-James MacDonald

Actor and Father of August MacDonald, LACHSA

Lea Floden student August MAcDonald with her father, actor James MacDonald

"I don’t know how you do it!  You are such an incredible gift to all your students and to everyone who knows you!!  You are a brilliant and dedicated teacher, mentor, friend and coach.  And you are so real, kind, caring and genuine.  And as if that isn’t enough, you REALLY know your stuff.

You are knowledgeable on every aspect of the business of performing and college auditions.  You gave us such peace of mind during this college audition process.  As I’ve said before, I am so grateful that my daughter has had the chance to study with you and be a part of something that is very very special.  Thank you for everything!"

With love and gratitude, Bonnie Oseas :)

Mother of Lauren Oseas

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